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Jake’s Story

Jake, the white golden retriever, the Coligny Hardware Store’s friendliest employee, and my best friend, was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in May 2010. At 7 ½ years old, he was full of energy and vitality, and it broke my heart that cancer might slow him down. Determined to preserve Jake’s quality of life, I promised him that we would battle this horrible disease hand-in-paw, united.

During his battle, Jake had 7 malignant tumors and was also diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. Jake is not a cancer survivor, but for years he survived, even thrived, with cancer. It seemed like canine cancer had met its match in Jake, but unfortunately cancer wins most of its battles. Jake

Jake, my Best Friend, is the White Dog

White Dog Trading Company was conceived as a personal project to help with the expenses of Jake’s treatment and it has since grown into an effort to raise money for canine cancer research. We are committed to donating 20% of all retail sales to a research group, Morris Animal Foundation. The proceeds will go directly to help canine cancer research to help other best friends and their families chant the mantra Jake’s family did… “Not today! And not without a fight!

Even though Jake has crossed the bridge and his personal battle has come to an end, canine cancer continues to harm our fur-children and claims the lives of too many of our best friends. That is why we must stand “Hand-in-Paw, United in the Battle against Canine Cancer”

Thank you all so much! Jake and Beth Castelli ...Jake ...the original white dog.!